Birbfest 2022

Birbfest 2022 is here! What is Birbfest? It is an art challenge to draw/craft/create birds through the month of January. You can use any medium you want, skip any birds you don't feel like doing and jump in whenever 😊 The goal main goal is to learn about some new birds, draw/craft/create and have fun!

The challenge starts January 1st. I hope you will join in - even if it's just for one birb!

You can download images for the prompt list AND a handy PDF bird reference guide by going to the Birbfest Google Drive linked below. I also invite you to join our creator community on Discord where we will be sharing our work through the month :)

Google drive link:

Discord link:

Full prompt list:

  1. Puffin
  2. Hoopoe
  3. Blue footed booby
  4. Ruby throated hummingbird
  5. Australian magpie
  6. Cedar waxwing
  7. Great hornbill
  8. Flamingo
  9. Macaroni penguin
  10. European Starling
  11. Bald eagle
  12. Rufous-crested Coquett
  13. Tree swallow
  14. Tawny Frogmouth
  15. Secretary bird
  16. Lilac Breasted Roller Bird
  17. American Kestrel
  18. Gray jay
  19. Yellow billed kingfisher
  20. Great spotted woodpecker
  21. Golden Phesant
  22. Parrotlet
  23. Violet green swallow
  24. Hooded Merganser
  25. House finch
  26. East african crowned crane
  27. Livingstone's turaco
  28. White ibis
  29. Spatuletail hummingbird
  30. Australian robin
  31. Quetzal

* Some birds have many different types, like the Tauraco - feel free to choose whichever type you want!


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Birdie Tam is an Asian-American/Swedish artist who specializes in ceramics, illustration and design. Follow her on Instagram or on YouTube for more.

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