The hardest decision I've made

No one told me pursuing your dreams would be this hard

Today I want to share a bit of my story and the most difficult decision I've ever made - leaving my stable 10 year career to pursue creating my own art full time. I wish I could be like other artists I've seen who quit and say "I've never been happier!" or "I'm making even more now than I did in my day job!" but that would simply be lying.

While I am generally happier now, it's mainly because I am actually able to breathe now that I have time. And to be totally transparent, I've taken about a 50% pay cut since leaving my job. I know that change takes time and I'm still transitioning to this new lifestyle.

I'm going to be honest and say it's hard. I had been working on that career for more than 10 years - it's what I went to college for, the reason why I've moved to multiple cities and countries for and it was my measure of success for years. So of course it's hard to leave that.

But I also know that the whole time, in my heart, there was always a little seedling holding my dream to be an independent artist. And as scary as it is to leave my comfort zone, I also feels right knowing that I'm finally letting in the light to give that dream a chance to grow.

If you are somewhere similar in your journey, know you aren't alone. It's only natural to be scared of the unknown. And from my experience, the times I've been most scared to do something have always been the most rewarding.

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