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The products

Are your items really handmade?
Yes!  I want to reduce my environmental impact, so I want to do my best to try to make as much at home as I can.  So all of my items currently, except one set of stickers, are created or printed at home.  I use a Tecre button machine to make my pins and magnets, and a Cricut to cut out my stickers.  My tote bags are screen printed by myself :)

Click here to see some behind the scenes of handmade in action!

Where and how much do you donate?
A variety of my items have 10% of the profits donated to small animal rescues around the world.  I look for certified rescues that are smaller and in need of additional support.  I am always taking recommendations, so if you know of a small animal rescue in need, please send me an email!

Be sure to check out some of the amazing small animal rescues I have donated to in the past:  LA Guinea Pig Rescue, The Pipsqueakery, A Little Bit Iffy Animal Sanctuary and Ocean State Guinea Pig Rescue.


The Artist

Do you craft full time?
I only craft in my free time!  I work full time as a UI/UX designer for mobile games.

Where are you from?
I grew up in the US, but now I live in Malmö, Sweden.

Do you have guinea pigs?
I used to have guinea pigs, but don't anymore.  I want to get more, but simply don't have the time to dedicate to a new herd.  I do, however, have two cats named Bosley and Belle =^o_o^=