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Cute guinea pig magnets and pins with different breeds
Guinea pig magnet set with packaging
Close up of guinea pig button magnet for teddy breed
Guinea pig magnet and pin sizing reference for 1.25"

Guinea pig magnets & pins (Set 2)

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Show your guinea pig love with this cute set of magnets or pinback buttons.  These are the perfect gift as refrigerator magnets or as pins for decorating your bag!  Each button has a cute illustration of a different guinea pig type.  There are two different sets, for a total of 10 different piggies!  Save on shipping when you order both sets ^^

5 Guinea Pig Breeds in this pack:

  • Silkie
  • Rex
  • Teddy
  • Texel
  • Peruvian


Product Details:
- Contains 5 different guinea pig breeds
- Set 2 of 2
- Magnets OR pins
- Two different sizes of 1" or 1.25"
-- Photos show 1.25"
- Save on shipping when you order both sets
- 10% of profits donated to small animal rescues!

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