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Birbfest 2023

Celebrating creativity with bird art through January

Birbfest 2023

What is Birbfest? Birbfest is an art challenge featuring 31 different birds to be created through the month of January. Artists can use any medium they want and skip as they please. The goal is to enjoy the process, learn about some new birds and share our work with each other.


Birbfest returns!

With a last minute decision, I've decided to make a new list for Birbfest 2023 with co-host April Howlett (@monkeymintaka)!

I originally did not plan to do another year of Birbfest because I knew I wouldn't have time to commit to an entire 31-day list, but that's where April has stepped in to help.

Birds from Birbfest 2022: Lilac breasted roller bird, American Kestral, Secretary birds, Rufous coquette hummingbird.

Co-Host April Howlett (@monkeyminataka)

While I'll only be able to pop in a few days here and there, April will be leading the way daily! In 2022, April completed Birbfest using inks, streamed her process on Twitch during January and then made a beautiful zine of the birds! Please give her a warm welcome and check out her work :)

Without further delay, here is your 31 day bird prompt list! The event starts January 1 - will you be joining?

Birbfest Resources

The full res prompt list is available for download in other colors along with the handy reference guide on Google Drive:

If you use social media, be sure to use the hashtag #birbfest2023 and #birbfest. You can also join my Discord where we will be sharing our bird artwork.

Don't have time for 31 days?

You can do the shortened weekly version instead which includes 5 birds.


Full 31 day prompt list (shortened version in bold):

 1. Frill-Necked Monarch
 2. Hyacinth Macaw
 3. Royal Flycatcher
 4. Crimson-Backed Tanager
 5. Smew Duck
 6. Red-Billed Blue Magpie
 7. Black Hawk Eagle
 8. Adelie Penguin
 9. Black & Yellow Broadbill
10. Long Tailed Tit
11. Violet Backed Starling
12. Nankeen Night-Heron
13. Nanday Parakeet
14. Red Wattled Lapwing
15. Indigo Bunting
16. Baikal Teal
17. California Condoor
18. Zebra Finch
19. Wallcreeper
20. Ostrich
21. Nicobar Pigeon
22. Golden-Crowned Kinglet
23. Scoped Owl
24. Ecuadorian Hillstar
25. Osprey
26. Gouldian Finch
27. Sandwich Tern
28. Eastern Yellow Robin
29. Himalayan Monal
30. Great-Eared Nightjar
31. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Not sure how to approach a 31 day art challenge? Check out my 5 tips for finishing an art challenge!

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