Frequently Asked Questions

Products & Purchasing

I usually update my shop once a month. To be sure you don't miss out, be sure to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page.

I restock my shop about once a month and my pieces typcally sell out very quickly, usually within the first half hour.

If there is something you want, I recommend signing up for my newsletter so you can be on time for shop restocks.

I sometimes restock items after they are sold out, but not always. If there's something you want, it's best to buy it when available because I can't guarantee that I will restock it again once it is sold out.

No, I don't take customs or commissions because I don't have time.

Everything in my shop is designed and drawn by me :)

Shipping info

I ship worldwide!

If for some reason you country is not available at checkout, please feel free to send me a message.

Shipping prices will vary depending on what you buy and where you live. See the final shipping costs during checkout.

Processing times

I do my best to send orders within 3-5 business days, but it can sometimes take longer during large shop updates.

Delivery times for items shipped from my home in Sweden

- Sweden: 1 week

- Within EU: 1-2 weeks

- Outside EU: 1-3 weeks

Delivery times for Apparel (Print on Demand)

My print provider is in the US, so if you live in the US it can arrive to you within 2-7 days once shipped. If you live outside of the US, please expect it to take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

All of my handmade ceramics and most of my inventory are shipped by me from Sweden.

Apparel is printed on demand by an outside provider and are shipped from warehouses around the world. See below about import fees.

Customers are responsible for paying taxes and import fees.

Most of my inventory is shipped from Sweden, however Print on Demand items like T-Shirts may be sent from warehouses outside of Sweden.

Packages can become delayed due to customs, especially around the holidays.

If your order does not arrive even after estimated times including the buffer for delays, please contact me at so we can sort it out.


I do my best to be eco-friendly by using mainly paper and cardboard packaging and also re-using packing materials I have received in other parcels.

Prints are still packed in plastic sleeves, which will need to be plastic recycled.

Every ceramics parcel includes a note about recycling, so please check to see if you have biodegradable or plastic recyclable packing peanuts. Both packing peanut types are green so be sure to check!

- Biodegradble peanuts → Compost

- Plastic peanuts → Plastic recycling

If you're unsure of which ones you got, you can always take a photo of them and email me :)

To learn more about the packing peanuts I use, you can visit

I get all of my packing materials from suppliers in Sweden.

If you want to know more about my packaging materials, you can check out my YouTube video about eco-friendly packaging.

Ceramics Care

Yes! However, I do recommend top rack washing only or even better handwashing to increase their longevity.

Yes! As of now, all my ceramics are microwave safe.

Refunds, returns and cancellations

If you need to make a change on your order, email asap at

If your order has already been fulfilled, it means that it was already sent and I cannot change it.

I hope you will love everything you receive! I typically do not offer refunds or exchanges unless there was something wrong with your order.

If there is something wrong, please contact me at so we can sort it out.

Contact Info

If you need to contact me for any reason, e-mail me at or use the form below.